SnowplowsOnline - Lied To Me Offered Cash Deal Very Shady No Service

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I was looking around online for a website or a company locally and i found, i called the number and a man answered and was very rushed about answering my questions and had little patience with me, I was calling to purchase a snowplow which would run me around $3,000 + i think i can ask as many questions as i want....anyway i asked what other products they had and they and was told that they carried the Snowbear line up as well which were plows designed to handle your driveway which is what i wanted, they were around half the price.

I asked what the best deal they had was and he gave me his offer and assured me that they were an authorized dealer for snowbear and that no one would be cheaper then that. i set up a time to come in and see him to further discuss this and see one in person and when i showed up he wasn't there, there was another employee there who had no idea what i was talking about and had nothing assembled to show me.

I also found out they sold trailers as well which when i showed a little interest in that i was offered a cash deal at nearly half off for a plow and a trailer but i had to buy it that day....needless to say i left and when i did some more research online at snowbears website i discovered that these guys were not dealers, i called and i was told to see another company just down the rd who was, horrible shady service and everyone needs to know about these people because these are the kind of companies that don't deserve our money.

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